We are among the largest of HEDIS® audit firms and have completed thousands of HEDIS audits since the inception of auditing in 1998. They include NCQA HEDIS Compliance Audit™, HEDIS Pay For Performance (P4P) Audit Reviews, and Wellness and Health promotion (WHP) Reviews. Our relationship with the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) is integral to our services and has been in place since NCQA was established. In addition, we have extensive HEDIS audit experience with state governmental agencies.

HEDIS® Compliance Audit™

When we complete an audit, we deliver more than just the minimum requirements and more than the required elements of the reports. In all, we deliver:

Each report delivers useful information about the audit process and the status of internal processes, as well as our recommendations. We make it a point to bring you the actual information you need, not just reprints of HEDIS specification pages.

After audit season ends, the relationship continues. We maintain an email dialogue throughout the year. When we get an email or policy update from NCQA, we share it with you in a succinct monthly email format.

Even though we deliver premium service, we do not charge premium fees. We are extremely cost-competitive, and offer discounted multi-year contracts. Our contracts are written in an all-inclusive format, we will not charge incremental fees "in-season" unless we have agreed with our client to add a service. There are never any surprise fees for a la carte services.

A Typical Audit Timeline