At HDC, we work closely with our clients to understand organizational goals – and then, collaboratively, we develop innovative and actionable solutions. HDC has expertise in evaluating the development and reporting of enrollment, utilization, demographics, quality, compliance, training, testing, oversight and clinical outcome data for healthcare related entities. We can help to improve your reporting processes in terms of efficiency and accuracy. We can help to turn raw numbers into meaningful information that can improve operations and ease the uncertainty of both internal and external audits and reviews.

Healthcare Data Consulting

HDC’s audit teams include a wide variety of specialists: Auditors, analysts, code reviewers, programmers, CPA’s, RNs/LPNs, pharmacists and physicians. We have over two decades of experience in healthcare consulting. Our resources include a strong core staff as well as access to subject matter experts across the country. Our single headquarter-facility provides a secure venue for centralized processing of sensitive data, and staff available to assist you year round. Let us help you to prepare, improve, and become more confident in your healthcare data processes.

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